Last weekend was the 2010 edition of the 2010 Red Bull Air Race stop in Windsor. Just back from Europe, I made some time to go with Corinne at the river to attend the qualification day and photograph this unusual event for the 3rd year in a row. I do not get to use the big camera anymore (no time!), so this was the perfect opportunity.

I have the collection of shots quite similar to the previous years. While very fast shutter speed is good to freeze the action, it makes the pictures look a bit static…

1006_081_RedBullAirRace_PS 1006_086_RedBullAirRace
1006_057_RedBullAirRace 1006_009_RedBullAirRace
1006_032_RedBullAirRace_crop 1006_005_RedBullAirRace

The red bull helicopter is never far, getting footage for television broadcast.

1006_028_RedBullAirRace 1006_035_RedBullAirRace

Teams on boats are always ready to put air pylons back in shape after a plane hit them.

1006_030_RedBullAirRace 1006_128_RedBullAirRace

This year, I also made sure to capture a few shots of the overall scene, to get a better sense of scale. These are really looking better in 1000 pixel wide (see album link at the bottom of the post)

1006_141_RedBullAirRace_wideCrop 1006_043_RedBullAirRace_WideCrop

Finally, I got a serie of very nice shots using a panning technique: deliberately using a slow shutter speed while tracking the subject so that you get the motion blur effect on the background. It’s hard to do, and you get a lot of missed pictures, but the ones that come out good are usually very dynamic. Here is a collection of these successful shots.

1006_206_RedBullAirRace_PS 1006_180_RedBullAirRace_PS_crop
1006_125_RedBullAirRace 1006_216_RedBullAirRace
1006_202_RedBullAirRace_PS_crop 1006_160_RedBullAirRace_PS

Finally, many more pictures and larger versions available in the album below!

2010 Red Bull Air Race
2010 Red Bull Air Race

Next photo opportunity: Fireworks on the Detroit River on June 21. Stay tuned!

2 Responses to “2010 Red Bull Air Race”
  1. dcrainmaker says:

    Very cool pics…just got a chance to look at the link from your comment. Awesome job! Good luck at Steelhead!

  2. Thierry says:

    Hello Ray - I am Honored of your visit! Thanks for the comments and for steelhead. I just had an awesome long brick workout (140km bike followed by 1 hour run at race pace) so I am getting confident I can do a decent job. I hope for a sub 5h finish.. But we’ll see!